Monday, March 2, 2009

Prayer & Praise (March 1-7)

- Praise God for the great CYIA kick-off event we had this past Friday! I thought it went very well. We had 16 returning and prospective summer missionaries (along with assorted parents and siblings) come for pizza, games, and an informative presentation about our vision & mission for CYIA this year.

Our theme for Summer 2009 is “transformation.” We talked from 1 Peter 1:22-2:3 about craving transformation.

Specifically, we want to see (1) students transformed in their faith through working in teams, teaching the Bible, internalizing the gospel, and showing God’s love to the children, and (2) children transformed in their lives by placing their faith in Jesus for salvation and learning to live for him.

Our goal for Summer 2009 is to train 20 young people to teach 120 Bible clubs in metro Denver, reaching 2,000 children with the good news of Jesus.

- This week I am writing, printing, & mailing my quarterly newsletter, Beautiful Feet. One of my favorite things is writing the devotional article for the back page. Pray that this process would go well and that I could write something that would be edifying for God’s people.

- Continue to pray that I could make good connections with families, individuals, and churches as I seek to raise the $3,910/month I need for doing ministry with CEF in Denver.

- Several of our team leaders this year will not be old enough to drive their team, so this week I am beginning the process of recruiting drivers for the summer. Please pray that all the spots will get filled.

Do you know someone who might be willing to spend a week this summer driving a team of two to four young people on fire for God? If so, let me know.

Thanks so much for your prayers & support. You are invaluable to this ministry!

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