Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prayer & Praise (May 23-29)

- This past weekend (May 21-23), we gathered together our six student leaders for this summer and held our second annual “CYIA Team Leader retreat.” It was great time!

We conducted a number of training sessions where we dug deep into the dynamics of teamwork and ways that they could be effective leaders of their teams. We also had a couple of spiritual challenge sessions, and I believe the student leaders came away spiritually refreshed. Please pray for them this summer as they seek to serve their peers and reach children for Christ!

- On Sunday, May 23, we also held a fundraising luncheon for CYIA at my church. There are three Sunday morning services, and we served food after all three (although we sold out just as the third service was letting out!). All in all, praise God we raised $730 for Summer 2010!!! I also had some great conversations with members of the church about the summer ministry.

- CYIA training camp begins in less than two weeks. There is much to be done between now and then. Pray for me to stay on track and organized as I tackle the various tasks.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayer & Praise (May 2-8)

- It has been a busy couple of months! We finished recruiting for 2010 Summer Missions, processed applications, conducted two half-day prep sessions for our final team of Greater Denver students, and held a statewide staff meeting to finalize plans for training camp in June. Connie is busy scheduling our three weeks of 5-Day Clubs.

Elsewhere in the ministry, in March I started an additional part-time role as our office manager for Greater Denver, and in April I went up to Frontier School of the Bible (LaGrange, WY) for a brief recruiting trip with college students there.

Praise God for all that is taking place, and pray that his kingdom would be advanced as a result!

- We have 19 students signed up for Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) this summer! There are 9 first-year students and 10 returnees, 6 of whom will be serving as team leaders. (On Saturday, May 1, we held our second of two prep sessions for our students. See the picture above!)

This week we will be sending out the students’ support letters to their friends and family asking for prayer and financial support. We are including a “prayer bookmark” with the student’s picture on it and three short prayer requests. Folks will be able to put this on their refrigerator or on their desk at work as a reminder to pray for the student who is devoting his or her summer to full-time missions. Please pray for a generous response in both prayer and finances as the students prepare for their ministry!

Thanks so much for praying!