Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Prayer & Praise (Sept 27 - Oct 3)

- This past Saturday, we began a 30-hour training course called “Teaching Little Kids.” The course equips students for teaching and ministering to preschoolers. Four of our summer missionaries are taking the course, which is very exciting! They meet three times a week for two weeks during late September/early October. Please pray for them to engage deeply with the content and get as much out of the course as possible.

- Our budget for Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) covers promotion & recruitment in the spring, general operating expenses in the summer, and development work in the fall. We have received $4,290 to date, leaving us presently with a shortfall of only $650 for the 2009 calendar year. Praise God for this great progress!

During October, we are having fundraising events at Chick-fil-A on Monday, Oct 12 (Thorncreek shopping center), and Tuesday, Oct 20 (River Point shopping center & Southwest Plaza food court) to help raise the remainder of the funds. Please pray that these events would be a great success! With $650, we can pay off the last of our expenses from the summer and cover the rest of our development work this fall.

- Praise God for the growth I have seen in our team leaders this year! I have seen each of them grow in so many ways in who they are as a person and who they are in Christ. To see the difference in who they were at the beginning of summer vs. who they are now (among their peers and in all their fall activities) is such a blessing. This is what it’s all about: transformed lives!

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