Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prayer & Praise (Feb 6-12)

- I am taking a few weeks off from Good News Club while my co-teacher, Ruth, goes on a trip to California to help raise her financial support. Ruth is preparing to start serving full-time with CEF of Greater Denver later this year. Will you pray that she has a great trip and can build some solid new relationships? She will be in California from Feb 3-18.

- I leave tonight for Frontier School of the Bible in LaGrange, Wyoming, to represent CEF at their spring missions conference. It is about a 160-mile drive from Denver and the weather is poor today (snow; cold temperatures). Will you pray for safety as I travel?

Here is a picture from the Starbucks in Denver right now where I am writing this post:

I will be at Frontier for three days, teach two workshops, have a display table set up, and hopefully just have lots of great conversations with the students! Here are the workshop sessions I will be teaching:

TEAMWORK IN MISSIONS: God didn't just call you ... He called others too! But what if you don't really get along with those other people? In this session, we will dig into the book of Acts to see what dynamics of teamwork the early Christians encountered as they carried out their mission, and what lessons we can learn from them as we carry out the mission today.

TRANSFORMATIONAL STUDENT MINISTRY: How does transformation happen? And what does this mean for how we do student ministry? In this session we will explore a simple yet powerful principle from the Scriptures that explains how God has designed us, and then from that insight explore how we and the students we minister to might be changed.

I'm looking forward to it! Thanks so much for your prayers and for your heart for this ministry.

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