Sunday, August 1, 2010

Prayer & Praise (Aug 1-7)

I just got back from Boston last night, wrapping up a great summer of ministry with our Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) missionaries. I am posting a few highlights below, and will follow up later in the month with more in-depth posts, including pictures and video from the summer!

- CYIA Training: We held a two-week training camp in June. We had a large number of 1st-yr summer missionaries, and as I watched them teach 5-Day Clubs throughout the summer, I became convinced that they really came away from the training well-equipped. I learned a lot of lessons, and we still have a ways to go, so I am looking forward to making next year’s training the best ever.

- Ministry in Greater Denver: During June and July, we held three weeks of 5-Day Clubs at homes and backyards, daycare centers, city parks, apartment complexes, and trailer parks all across the Greater Denver area. These clubs included several great new church partners, and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.

Due to some paperwork mishaps over the course of the summer, I only have incomplete statistics, but I can tell you that we taught over 900 children about Jesus in our 5-Day Clubs, and 62 children placed their faith in Jesus for the very first time. Praise God!

- Ministry in Greater Boston: Frank, Connie, and I took a team of eight students to Boston during the last two weeks of July for “Good News Across America,” a huge effort by CEF to build up ministry to children in that city by partnering with churches there. Over 160 CEF workers from around the nation came to Boston for the campaign. We partnered with nearly 30 churches to host 5-Day Clubs, and CEF of Massachusetts conducted Good News Club trainings for the fall.

Over 2,000 children attended the 5-Day Clubs in Boston, and we saw 209 children place their faith in Jesus for the first time! It was a powerful movement that I believe was inspiring to many of the churches with whom we worked. Based on prior years’ ministry campaigns like this, 20 of the 30 churches will successfully start after-school Good News Clubs this fall and begin a powerful new ministry in their communities.

- Summer Ministry Celebration: We are a having a get-together at the CEF office this Friday night, Aug 6, to celebrate. Please pray that many families, individuals, and church partners will be able to make it so that they can meet one another and hear the stories of what God has done.

Stay tuned for more updates about this summer! Thanks for praying.

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