Monday, November 3, 2008

Andrew Goes to College

I have been at college out-of-state the past two years, but I am back home now and a lot of people have been asking what I am doing school-wise. I though I would just post a quick update summarizing where I am at in my education.

Earlier this year I received an A.A. in Children’s Ministry from Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, MO. This fall I transferred to Metro State here in Denver, where I am studying for a B.A. in Speech Communication.

According to the college catalog, “The Communication Program at Metro State prepares students to be effective in communicating in a diverse and technological world. Students are grounded in theoretical understanding of communication, engaged in practical application, and encouraged to develop competencies in intra, inter, group, and organizational contexts.”

Specifically, I am pursuing a concentration in Rhetoric and Public Address. According to the college catalog, “Graduates in Rhetoric and Public Address have achieved success in law, industrial and organizational communication, educational administration, public relations, speech writing for political figures, teaching, public relations and theology.”

As a result of my studies at Metro State, I hope to develop my communication skills for preaching and teaching. (I am planning to then go to seminary for graduate school.)

Communication is an increasingly valuable resource in our world today. The ability to inform, persuade, entertain, etc. is the driving force behind many new social movements. Therefore, it is be valuable for God's people to be able to articulate, proclaim, and appropriately contextualize the good news of Jesus in a wise, winsome, and compelling manner.

Communication is key for the mission of God in this world, whether it takes place through moving people to collective action through rousing sermons or helping someone who does not belong to Jesus come to grips with the gospel through interpersonal conversations.

Communication—in all its forms—is the currency of the future, and the gospel has always been a message to be proclaimed. This is the motivation behind my current studies at school. I have really enjoyed this first semester so far, and I am looking forward to my studies in the future.


Leonard Chen said...

Andrew - this is not a comment on this post, but a comment on what you left on Eugene Cho's blog on abortion. I would love to hear if you got any feedback regarding your question on the Freedom of Choice Act. Until 5am this morning, I was planning to vote for Obama. But I just can't get over the Freedom of Choice Act. After a year and a half of being an Obama supporter, I may have change my mind at literally the last minute because of this. But there has been such a dearth of dialog about this specific piece of legislation? Any more thoughts?

Andrew Murray said...


I am sorry for not getting back to you about this in time for Election Day! I was gone from home most of the day yesterday and did not have my computer. To answer your question though, no, I never did receive any feedback about the Freedom of Choice Act.

I wish I had posed the question earlier in the campaign, but I did not. In any case, it is so hard to find forums (whether on the internet or in real life) that are civil enough to ask such a question and actually get a helpful response. Scot McKnight and Euegen Cho's blogs are unique exceptions, and I really appreciate the work that they do.


- Andrew