Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prayer & Praise (Aug 9-15)

- Well, the Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) summer program has come to a close. It has been a whirlwind summer for sure!

We had 14 summer missionaries (jr. high thru college-age). They taught 67 Bible clubs across metro Denver, with 1,054 children enrolled. 64 children professed faith in Jesus for the first time! It was very rewarding to see each of the students grow through putting their faith into action and reaching out to the mission field of Denver’s children.

- CEF’s pioneering ministry campaign in Little Rock, AR, also finished up well. 109 CEF workers from around the nation (including our own Emanuel from Denver) partnered with 30 local churches in Little Rock to jump-start outreach ministries to children. These faithful workers taught 1,874 children in just one week! 252 of these children professed faith in Jesus for the first time.

Please pray that the effort will prove successful in helping the churches of Little Rock establish on-going outreach ministries to children in that city.

- Our budget for CYIA this year is $7,650. This covers everything from promotion & recruitment in the spring to general operating expenses in the summer to development work in the fall.

To date we have received $3,730 of these funds (or 49% of budget). We still need $3,920 (or 51%). We have actually been coming in under budget in a number of key areas, but please pray for financial support to continue to come in during the next several weeks.

- Praise God for the nearly 60 people who were able to come to our end-of-summer ministry celebration last Friday! It was a great time of hearing testimonies from the students, seeing pictures from the summer, and enjoying a meal together.

Thanks for your support in prayer!!! Blessings.

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