Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Prayer & Praise (July 12-18)

- Last week we took nine of our summer missionaries on a service learning trip to CEF World HQ in Warrenton, Missouri (about 1 hr west of St. Louis). Praise God for the opportunity we had to take this trip! The teens did many hours of volunteer service around the campus during the week, learned about various ministries of CEF worldwide (including ministry opportunities for students), and just got to hang out and have a great time.

There was our group there, as well as a group from Iowa and a group from Texas. I think it was really an edifying and eye-opening experience for everyone involved! At the end of the week, Jon (the guy at HQ who was heading up the event) had everyone fill out a response form about the various ministry opportunities that had been presented throughout the course of the week. He is going to be sending me the responses from all of our Denver students. I am excited to see what God does with these fantastic young people in the years to come!

- I received many ideas for this next year of ministry during my time at HQ last week. Please pray for wisdom in developing and implementing these ideas in the months to come.

- July 20-Aug 1, CEF is undertaking a ministry campaign in Little Rock, AR, to help pioneer ministry to children in that area. Over 100 CEF missionaries from around the nation will be coming to help with the effort! We are working in partnership with dozens of local churches in order to jump-start ministry.

From Denver, we are sending Emanuel, one of our team leaders this summer. (He participated in a similar pioneer ministry campaign last summer in Chicago.) Frank & Connie Porter will also be helping with the training at the beginning.

Please pray for Emanuel and everyone else participating in Little Rock ’09! Pray for physical and spiritual strength for the workers, and pray for the event to be successful in jump-starting on-going ministries to children.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support! Blessings.

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