Thursday, September 4, 2008

2008 DNC

The historic 2008 Democratic National Convention was held last week right here in Denver. My church ( partnered with Riverside Baptist and thirty other churches from the Denver area to minister to the security personnel at the DNC.

We served bottled water, Gatorade, hot meals, and sandwhiches to the police officers, firefighters, EMTs, Secret Service, Homeland Security, and ATF personnel who worked the convention. Food was prepared at Riverside Baptist, loaded into cargo supply vans, and delivered to sites all across the downtown area where officers could come take a break from their twelve hour shift and get some cold water and a hot meal. Our motto was, "Serving a cup of cold water in Jesus' name."

Here are some stats I got in an e-mail today:

- 647 volunteers from 32 churches served and ministered to the security personnel at the DNC
- 50,500 meals were served over the course of the week . . . how many each day? A lot! You can do the math.
- 1,750 New Testaments were given away and 147 individuals made professions of new faith in Jesus

I had the incredible opportunity to be a driver for this event. I delivered food and beverages to many different sites around the city. It was a great experience just getting to see everything happening downtown! And it was a sheer blessing just getting to love my city.

Thanks to everyone at Riverside and Bear Valley and the other churches for making this happen. It was the experience of a lifetime.

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