Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prayer Requests (July 14-18)

Hey everyone! Sorry I have been away from the blog for a while. If you would like, here are some things to pray for this week:

- We have five teams out this week (instead of our usual four). This means that some of our younger, less experienced team members are having to step into leadership roles. Pray that God would give them all of the wisdom and strength they need for their new responsibilities. They are doing a great job so far!

- Here is a breakdown of where our teams are teaching this week: (1) Hannah's team is teaching kids' Bible clubs at homes in Thornton and Brighton. (2) Jessica's team is teaching at a several homes and one daycare in Thornton. (3) Kayla's team is teaching at a daycare in Arvada. (4) Sarah's team is teaching at two church programs and one Salvation Army day camp in inner city Denver. (5) Tessa's team is teaching at a daycare in Wheat Ridge and a home in Morrison.

- Pray for lots of team unity, so that we can minister effectively to the children.

- On a personal note, my grandfather passed away this weekend. Your prayers are appreciated. My dad is flying down to Arizona this week for the burial, then my whole family and I are flying down in August for the memorial service.

Thanks so much!!! I hope you are having a great summer loving God and loving people. Stay in touch!

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