Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chapel Sermon

I had the opportunity to preach for Student Senate Chapel during the Spring 2008 semester at Calvary Bible College (Kansas City, MO). I thought I would make the sermon available for download for anyone who might be interested:

In the sermon, I basically work through the text of Matt 16:13-28, which asks and answers two questions: (1) Who is Jesus? (2) What does it mean to follow Him?

If it sounds like I am rushing through the second half of the text, it's because I am. I probably had enough material prepared for two sermons! :-)

You can follow along on the PowerPoint slides here:

If you have a chance, spend some time in Matt 16:13-28. There were a lot of great themes that I didn't have time to explore. It is such a rich text of Holy Scripture!

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